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standard of technical textile
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Dear partners!

TarpStandard - a team of professionals who have long been working on the Russian market of technical textiles. We import the Russian market of technical textiles and PVC and PU fabrics and films, acrylic fabric, artificial leather, fabrics for bags such as oxford, accessories and more. TarpStandard team will help you navigate on the Russian market of technical textiles. We determine competitive prices for different groups of technical textiles, and help organize the delivery of high quality customs clearance, to compile a catalog in Russian and represent you to the specialized exhibitions. In addition, we can help determine the best inventory in a warehouse in Russia. TarpStandard be able to provide for suppliers the shortest and most effective way from the producer to the final consumer.

TarpStandard - it's your window to the Russian market of technical textiles.

TarpStandard team

Tehnical textile


Office 2B Mebelnaya street

Saint-Petersburg, Russia 197374

secretary +7 812 305 25 16 fax +7 812 305 25 61


purchasing department +7 905 266 33 55